Advice on Aging

Hone Those Healthy Habits for Healthy Aging Month

You watch your diet, enjoy some exercise when you can, and try to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night. Overall, you feel that your health is pretty good — but it could be better.

Wondering how to bump up your well-being to the next level? September is Healthy Aging Month, and it’s the perfect time to hone your existing healthy habits and throw in some new ones for good measure.

It’s never too late to pursue your interests in life, and the organizers of Healthy Aging Month have some ideas. Currently in its second decade of annual observations, Healthy Aging Month focuses on helping older adults improve their social, mental, physical and financial health. For example, you can focus on the positive elements of aging by pursuing your passions.

Whether you love art, fitness or socializing, consider taking up a new hobby or finding ways to engage in activities that stimulate your mind, body and soul. Importantly, the month’s organizers suggest refusing to “act your age” and remaining positive in your daily life and your interactions with others.

Staying Healthy Throughout the Year

Healthy Aging Month is recognized in September, but you can take steps to continue improving your health throughout the year. You’ll find a variety of awareness campaigns and recognition months to help you keep abreast of health conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, arthritis and more. Why not take advantage of these awareness campaigns to learn more, get screened and get proactive about protecting yourself?

In addition, take some time to review different aspects of your health, and make notes on your calendar to schedule screenings or reassess your physical, emotional and social wellness habits. Among the areas to consider are eye and ear health, fitness, continuing education, healthy eating, fun activities and hobbies to reduce stress, sleep hygiene, social connections and community involvement.

This Healthy Aging Month, take the opportunity to review your wellness practices, and introduce some healthy new habits to turbocharge your holistic well-being.

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